Size + Comfort: Your dog deserves the best, and that's why we prioritise creating products that blend comfort with functionality. With dogs of all shapes and sizes in mind, we understand the importance of properly fitting accessories for their health and happiness.
British Craftsmanship: Designed by our pack leader Sophie, our products are proudly made in the UK, minimising our carbon footprint. From our studio in Hampshire, we distribute locally crafted items with care and attention to detail.
Quality Assurance: We believe in producing only the finest, durable goods in limited quantities to minimise waste and ensure longevity.
Genuine Customer Care: Transparency is key to our brand. We welcome feedback and openly share customer reviews to build trust and showcase our dedication to exceptional service.
A Passion for Dogs: Above all, our love for dogs drives everything we do.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team, we are here to help you or why not come and join the pack @pugalieroflondon